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This is a FMV about my home made for The Global Game Jam 2019. 

Every object in a home is associated to a memory that defines the personality of it's owner. Let's explore this home to better know the personality hidden of this home's owner. 


- JACOB Séverin : Game Design, Movie Director.

- VINCENT Thibault : Game Design, Movie Director, Actor (Home's owner).

- ROUSSEAU Thomas : Actor (Pervert).

- CATALDO Jordan: Actor (Thief).

- ERRARD Emmanuel : Actor (MGS guard).

- BONGIRAUD Loline : Actor (Princess).

- DUMAS Rémi  : Actor (Kid in TV Commercial).

- BIGORIE Léa : Boom Operator.

- DUPRE Thibault : Boom Operator.

- SONNIER Alexis : Boom Operator.


This is my home v2.0.zip 995 MB

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